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'Kick me baby, one more time': Pregnant mom unleashes inner Britney

With a letter board and a great sense of humor, this mom is documenting her fourth pregnancy in style.
/ Source: TODAY

With three kids running around and a fourth on the way, Charlotte Chatman is making a special effort to document her pregnancy in photos.

Charlotte Chatman is expecting her fourth child in September, and has gotten creative with taking photos to document the pregnancy.Charlotte Chatman

"I'm a firm believer that a fourth baby is just as exciting as a first baby, but when you have other children occupying your attention, it's easy to get distracted and forget to document the pregnancy," Chatman told TODAY Parents. "I wanted ... a way to make this fourth pregnancy extra special, while also getting our other children excited about welcoming the new baby to our family."

So Chatman pulled out her letter board and began crafting creative photo shoots with her kids, Lennox, 6, Lela, 2, and Luna Darling, 1.

Chatman and her family live in North Carolina, and have used Instagram as a way to poke fun at the questions they often receive about the number of children they have.Charlotte Chatman

It's one of those photos — which shows Chatman dressed in singer Britney Spears' iconic costume from her "Hit Me Baby, One More Time" video — that's giving Chatman's Instagram followers the biggest laugh and bringing attention to her growing family.

Chatman often creates funny photos using her letter board and her kids, Lennox, 6, Lela, 2, and Luna Darling, 1.Charlotte Chatman

"The song popped into my head that day while I was sitting there wearing my contraction monitor," said Chatman of the photo, which features a letter board that reads, "My Braxton Hicks are killing me and I must confess, I have to pee ... kick me baby one more time."

Other photos in Chatman's letter board series include her comparing the size of her baby to the length of her Target receipt — whenever she goes to buy just one thing — and her kids dressed in yellow duck raincoats along with the message, "Relax, we've got our ducks in a row."

The Chatmans' fourth child, a boy named Leif, is due this fall. Charlotte Chatman
Chatman says she's used her Instagram account as a way to show that in addition to having her hands full, she also has a full heart and life thanks to her kids. Charlotte Chatman

But Chatman's favorite image is one that pokes fun at a question she receives constantly.

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"My most special one is definitely the 'yes they are all mine' picture," said Chatman. "Having four children so close in age isn't everyone's cup of tea, so we do get a few not-so-kind comments every time we leave the house with the whole crew. I don't remember the last time I went to a grocery store without people saying how full my hands are, and Instagram has been my way to show that you can have full hands, while also having a full heart and a full life."

"I don't remember the last time I went to a grocery store without people saying how full my hands are," said Chatman.Charlotte Chatman

Chatman and her husband, Tom, will welcome their fourth child, a boy named Leif, in September.

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