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Funny moms perfectly nail parenting by turning hit songs into 'Momz Bop'

They couldn't relate to the lyrics of today's hits, so they rewrote them. And everyone's laughing.
/ Source: TODAY

When comedy duo Leeann Dearing and Michelle Fortin listen to top hits on their local radio stations, the funny moms say they have trouble relating to the lyrics.

"Not one song on the charts is written for moms," Fortin told TODAY Parents. "As we listened to these top songs, we could not help but re-pen them in our best mom voices."

Dearing and Fortin recently compiled their rewritten song lyrics into "Momz Bop" — a video showcasing a collection of lyrics that captures the realities of mom life.

"You tell me you don't need no sweater now. Sweater now," Dearing sings to the tune of Post Malone hit "Better Now." "Just looking at it makes you melt down. Melt down."

Fortin says her favorite tune from the video is their take on the popular song "Meant to Be."

"If you've gotta pee, feel free, but baby, maybe don't spray the seat," the duo sings in their version.

"I'm glad Bebe Rexha can sing about possibly finding love," Fortin said. "Meanwhile, the boy moms are over here wiping pee off the walls because aim, apparently, does not come naturally."