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Funniest parents on social media, back to school edition

Because sometimes we need to laugh to keep from crying.
/ Source: TODAY

The backpacks have been filled with masks and hand sanitizer and the teachers have introduced themselves via Zoom. And, whether we've sent our kids back to school in person or virtually, at least those first day jitters are working themselves out and we've got some kind of a plan in place.

Maybe your kid has told their class an embarrassing story about you during the online morning meeting, or you're already trying to figure out how you'll handle yet another year of the car loop. Whatever hilarity the start of the school year has brought to your home, you are not alone.

We've rounded up some of the funniest posts about back-to-school season from parents just like you, so laugh along with us, because we're all in this together!

Get with it, Carole!

We're here for the livestream!

You don't see me.

No whining.

Who volunteers?

Every. Morning.

Those were the days...

Oh no...

Sorry about that.

Kid has some moves!

Let those feelings out, Mama.


Easy peasy, right?

Sick burn!

Required reading.

What, like it's hard?

That's a hard no on both.

It's all too much.

We hope that other kid didn't get in trouble.

Just say no.

We will survive...we hope.

This is real.

There's a perk!

But in all seriousness...

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