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Funniest Facebook posts from parents this week

Kids say the funniest things. And their parents chronicle it on Facebook.
Kids say the funniest things. And their parents chronicle it on Facebook.Shutterstock

Kids are funny.

They smell funny, make funny faces, and sometimes make us wonder if we’re headed straight for the funny farm. But in Facebook’s world of pristine vacations, fabulous parties, and over achieving progeny, you could begin to think you’re all alone in your craziness.

So we’d like to take a moment to salute those hilarious moms and dads aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. Funny.

Here are our picks for the funniest parenting Facebook status updates of the week. Want to share your funniest parenting moments with TODAY? Just post them on our Facebook page at TODAY Parents, or tag us in your comments. We’ll pick our favorite to feature in our next installment!

1. Selective hearing

abby.king.5876 / Today

2. Time traveler

BadParentingMoments / Today

3. Mommy brain

brooke.kravitz / Today

4. Valedogtorian

AutismWithASideOfFries / Today

5. Daddy dares

bob.higgins / Today

6. So... thirsty...

Brook Kwatny Kravitz / Today

7. How dare he?

Dad and Buried / Today

8. Fashionably late / Today

9. Multilingual / Today

10. What's for dinner?

Jill Smokler / Today

11. What's the catch? / Today

12. Music to my ears

Peyton Price / Today

Sarah Maizes is a writer, blogger, comedian, parenting humorist, and the author of many funny books including “Got MILF? The Modern Mom’s Guide…” (Berkley Books). Follow her daily parenting fails on Facebook at Sarah Maizes and on Twitter @sarahmaizes.