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Four times the success: Meet the quadruplet brothers who got into Harvard and Yale

All four Ohio siblings learned last week they got into the same Ivy League schools and many other top colleges around the country.
/ Source: TODAY

Harvard or Yale? That’s a dream question many parents want their child to be asked as high school seniors.

Kim and Darrin Wade’s four children are facing that question now, all at once.

Ohio quadruplets Aaron, Nick, Nigel and Zach Wade garnered national attention last week after they learned each of them got into both of the Ivy League universities.

Now they have some tough decisions to make, the four 18-year-old siblings said Monday during a visit to the TODAY studio.

“We’re not sure yet,” Aaron said when asked whether they all plan to attend the same school. “This whole process has been crazy. We never expected to get in. We never expected to have as many amazing opportunities as we’ve had.”

The brothers said they were at track practice when they learned they had been accepted into Harvard and Yale.TODAY

The four siblings were at track practice when they found out the good news. Nick said he found out first, after sneaking a peek online.

“I wasn’t supposed to be on my phone — it was track practice,” he said. “I knew acceptances came out at 5 o’clock and I just had to check.”

The brothers said they haven't made a decision about where they will be attending school in the fall.TODAY

Nigel said each brother wrote about being a quadruplet, from his own unique perspective, for the school application essay.

“We’ve been trying all of our lives to foster individuality and try to make each of our lives our own,” he said, adding that none of them insisted the group needed to be accepted as "a package deal. We were individuals, but if we came together, that would be fine, too."

Kim and Darrin Wade, the proud parents of the quadruplets, will soon be empty nesters. TODAY

Kim Wade, a school principal, said she couldn’t be more proud of her children.

“They’re going to school, that’s the most important thing,” she told TODAY's anchors.

In addition to Harvard and Yale, the four Wade brothers have dozens of other collegiate options to consider. Nigel, for example, got into John Hopkins and Vanderbilt Universities, he told NBC News. Aaron got accepted at Stanford along with Nick, who also got into Duke and Georgetown. Zach also has Cornell as a possibility.

Meanwhile, their engineer father, Darrin Wade, joked about his impending empty nest status.

“We’re looking forward to it,” he said.