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'Brand new mini': Former Apple employee's baby announcement is charming

Courtesy Andreas Kleinke

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By A. Pawlowski

Call it the iBaby Announcement.

When Andreas Kleinke, a former Apple employee, welcomed his first child into the world last week, he shared the happy news by creating a special website designed to look just like an Apple product unveiling, complete with a sleek design and some very cute specs.


Touting “nine months of development,” the site introduces his son Jonathan as “the brand new mini” who comes with “a 20-inch seamless unibody enclosure made from a single, solid block of beauty.”

Also included: “Ten meticulously aligned fingers" and "not just one but two iSight cameras, each delivering images in stunning Retina resolution. Dual microphones on both sides catch every sound. And the centrally placed loudspeaker will simply blow you away.”

Kleinke -- who lives in Munich, Germany, and worked for Apple from 1999 to 2001 as a training manager in Ireland – said he got the idea after visiting Apple’s company store in Cupertino, California, last December while on vacation with his wife.

The couple had just learned they were expecting a baby and so they bought a little lime green onesie that had the slogan “brand new mini“ written across it.

“When his due date was approaching, I started to think about how to break the news to friends and family once the big day arrived (and) I remembered the ‘brand new mini’ thing,” Kleinke told TODAY Parents.

It took about nine hours to put the site together and the result is charming, with specs that include apps such as “iEat,” “iSleep,” and “iPoop.”


There are also impressive stats about the baby, born on Aug. 22 and weighing 8.6 pounds.

“With only 5% the weight of his predecessor, he is easy to carry around all day. Of course there’s lots of room to grow," the site says. "For the moment though, we’ll just enjoy his super-portable, hold-in-one-hand, just-right mini size."

Kleinke said he created the site for his family, friends and former Apple coworkers, but was stunned to see it go viral. He’s received some 2,400 emails from people around the world.

As for fatherhood, he calls it “the most earth-shattering experience I’ve ever had.” And a tiring one, since Jonathan’s arrival means “Parental sleep mode disabled by default,” the site wistfully explains.

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