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Forget 'Sexy Donald Trump': These 'sexy mom' Halloween costumes are worth a vote

This mom blogger thinks sexy Halloween costumes have gone overboard. So she's jumping ship, too, with her humorous sexy costumes for moms.
/ Source: TODAY

Suzanne Fleet says the trend of sexy Halloween costumes has gone overboard. So she’s jumping ship, too.

For the second year, Fleet, who blogs about parenting at Toulouse & Tonic, has joined the sexy costume fray with her own funny compilation, The Sexiest Halloween Costumes for Moms, illustrated with the help of some writer friends. TODAY Parents caught up with the mom-of-two to get the lowdown on her latest creations.

With all the sexy costumes out there, Halloween has become the trashiest holiday around – but this year, nobody will be trashier than you in our Tantalizing Trash Can costume. Yoga pants starting to smell? Don’t toss them, just put them on again and add our purple “athleisure” top that’s loose enough to hide all the garbage that you’ve been eating. You’ll need to add your own banana peel and empty bag of Pirate’s Booty but the kids come with the costume if they don’t stop fighting right this minute. Sold out in L, XL and XXL. - Suzanne, Toulouse and TonicToulouse and Tonic

What’s your impetus for coming up with these sexy mama costumes each year?

People used to dress as hobos and superheros and at some point, it was like everyone swung around the stripper pole one too many times and decided every single costume had to have a "sexy" bent. We're not limited to the sexy French Maid costumes anymore. Now there's sexy Donald Trump (how do you make that sexy?), Sexy Pizza Rat and for some Godforsaken reason, sexy Sesame Street characters. The ridiculousness of it all was ripe for satirizing. I couldn't resist.

"You’re not a crazy cat lady, you’re a purrrrfect little pussy when you wear our Provocative Pooper Scooper costume. You’ll go into a feline frenzy when you’re wrapped in our polyester Cheetah-print robe with our pink fuzzy cat ears playfully perched on your head. Accessorize with your own matching pink pooper scooper and every dawg in the neighborhood will be scratching at your door." - Ellen of Sisterhood of the Sensible MomsSisterhood of the Sensible Moms

Was it hard to follow up after last’s year’s stellar costume round-up?

Last year, I did Sexy Halloween Costumes for Moms and while I didn't exactly break the internet, it definitely needed its boo-boo kissed by its mother afterwards. Then as Halloween approached this year, I had people knocking on my wifi door asking to be in a second one. What was I going to say to that? Yes, please send me your hilarious pictures, of course and thus was born The Sexiest Halloween Costumes for Moms. It wasn't a stretch to come up with new ideas. Moms play so many roles on a daily basis, we're more in demand than Sophia Vergara. And even though we're usually dressed in yoga pants or pajamas, we're still sexy. But not as sexy as Sophia Vergara. How does the girl stand up without falling over?

"Don’t have any preconceived notions about how sexy you can be when you’re 8 1/2 months pregnant. Plenty sexy when you wear our Pouty Preggo costume. This giant blue tee and stretchy shorts are the same ones you’ve been wearing for 5 days in a row but we’ll send you a red bow to tie across your bloated belly. Top off this ensemble by crying at the drop of a hat when you get a bit of popsicle on your shirt or see an old couple holding hands. Improvise. And remember, you’re pouting for two! Unbridled tears and backache your own. Only available in XL." - Paige of There’s More Where That Came FromThere's More Where That Came From

Do you have any favorites this year?

When it comes to choosing the photos I like best — just like with your children, it's hard to pick a favorite. I'm totally kidding. We all know which kid is my favorite. Wink wink.

Every single photo captures something incredibly real about motherhood and every subject pulled it off in a hilarious way. You have to see all of them just to see the incredible array of porn star looks on everyone's faces. But if I have to choose, I'd really like to give a good-natured spanking to the Homeschooling Hottie. She earned 100 percent on my test. The Provocative Pooper Scooper is hilarious and, of course,'s own Terri Peters killed it as the Shagalicous Short Order Cook.

"Oh are you hungry? Well, our Shagalicious Short Order Cook has something you can put in your mouth! What’s that I see? A DOG on the TABLE? That’s right. She’s in violation of every health code imaginable but she’s still gonna make you drool for her goodies in our red and white polka dot apron and giant gray robe. Just add last night’s empty wine bottle, at least two kids who always want something different to eat and a rescue pup to actually eat the stuff you made. Order up!" Terri Peters, TODAY ParentsTerri Peters

Why do you think this series strikes a nerve with moms?

It strikes a nerve with moms because we're operating in a real world — a very chaotic one where we sometimes can't even find time for a shower because we're responsible for so many people, and we always put ourselves last, but at the same time, Halloween is about fantasy and that fantasy these days is all about turning everything into its sexiest version.

So we've flipped that notion on its head. We're real, we're here every day managing to more or less get it done even with all these balls in the air, and even if we don't make it out of our pajamas all day, we're sexy, dammit. Like my husband says, it's not about what you're wearing, it's about what you're not wearing. Not sure this is what he meant, but oh well. Happy Halloween to all the sexy moms out there.

"You’ll provide exceptional service in our maid for you Misbehaving Maid costume – although there’s no getting you clean, you dirty little minx. Put on our blue tee and black stretchy pants, tie a sweatshirt around your ass and crawl around on your hands and knees like the handmaiden you are. Striking details include reading glasses you can never find even though they’re on your head, black ballet flats with white tennis socks and a look that conveys the complete futility of trying to clean anything when children exist." - Meredith from Mom of the YearMom of the Year