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This genius invention is made for the parents of a picky eater

This one's for people who don't want their foods to touch ... at all.
/ Source: TODAY
By Kayla Boyd

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When dealing with a picky eater, parents will go to extreme lengths to get them to eat. Sometimes it's not even the actual food that's the problem, it's the presentation or the texture of the food that makes kids hesitant — or even adults.

That's probably why the Food Cubby is trending on the internet right now. It might just get your picky to eat everything on their plate.

Food Cubby, $15, Amazon

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The silicone dividers stick to the plate with a suction cup seal to keep the food from touching and running all over the place. Basically, this clever product prevents your mashed potatoes, chicken, dipping sauce and veggies from ever coming into contact.

Each set comes with two plate dividers. You can choose from clear, orange or green. They are also easy to pack and take with you while traveling or eating at grandma's house.

"Honestly, my husband and teenage kids would probably love (the dividers)," said TODAY Parents Editor Kavita Varma White upon seeing the product. "They are 'separate' eaters ... never mix food."

Food Cubbies only have 90 reviews on Amazon but they've earned an impressive 4.4-star rating. According to one of the top product reviews, they helped one mom manage the various needs of different kids in her family.

"1. My 12-year-old son loves dipping in sauces (buffalo sauce and wings) — he loves the Food Cubby because it keeps his sauces from running all over the plate ... 2. My 8-year-old nieces don't like their food to touch. The food cubby allows them to create their own food compartments on their plate. 3. My 1.5-year-old nephew is learning how to use his fork and spoon. The food cubby gives him an edge to push the food against which helps him get it on his fork. It's helping him with basic coordination and he loves the smile on his plate."

Sounds like a pretty useful product to us!

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