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/ Source: TODAY
By Erin Clements

When one couple recently tied the knot, it was the bride's 4-year-old daughter who stole the spotlight.

Anderson, who served as flower girl on her mom's big day in Knoxville, Tennessee, misinterpreted the wedding photographer's command for the bride and groom to kiss, and took it upon herself to plant a smooch on the surprised ring bearer.

"That was my wedding too," the precocious little girl later told NBC News.

Photographer Leah Bullard, who captured the hilarious moment, explained, "She definitely has a wonderful, bubbly personality, and she was calling herself the bride the whole day."

Flower Girl Steals Kiss

June 17, 201502:02

"Children are so unpredictable," Bullard added. "That's a moment that the families can look back on for years to come and laugh and relive it over again."

For her part, Anderson couldn't be happier with her new pal.

"He was the best ring bearer ever and he thought I was the best flower girl ever," she said. "We're best friends."