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Five tips to help your kids learn healthy habits

Parents have little control over their kids at school, but they do have control at home. Kathleen Daelemans, a cooking show host, shares advice.
/ Source: TODAY

On “Today’s Classroom,” it’s time for lunch. Studies show kids who eat better, behave better and do better in school. Kathleen Daelemans, host of American Public Television’s “Cooking Thin and Loving Food with Chef Kathleen,” was invited on the show to share her tips for success for your kids. Here are five:

A lot of parents spend a lot of time worrying about “making” their kids eat healthy at lunch. The truth of the matter is that have little control over the choices children make when they’re at school but you have total control over the example you set for them at home. You can let them know how you feel about eating healthy by eating healthy yourself.

Five things you can do right now to get your children on track for great health:

  1. Don’t skip breakfast.If they see you skipping breakfast consider the message are you sending.
  2. Don’t budge.Resist the temptation to give in when they’re “begging” for junk. When they’re please-mommy-ing you to no end, give them a task. Include them in the shopping trip — send them to the end of the aisle to get an item on your list. Chances are they’ll forget about the junk battle.
  3. Turn off the tube.Limit their exposure television shows that advertise junk food heavily to children.
  4. Play copycat. They’re watching everything you do. If you read labels, teach your children to read labels. If you portion your cereal, teach them to portion their cereal. If you limit ice cream and treats, insist they limit ice cream and treats — no matter how thin or active they are. If you take a walk, encourage your child to take a walk. 
  5. Play!Work in physical play and exercise. Make play time/exercise time family time — nightly walks, a family membership to the YMCA, take a class together.