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The first-ever Sesame Street LEGO set is the sweetest we've ever seen

Guy Smiley on a tiny LEGO TV is what the kids call a deep cut.

There comes a moment in every parent's life where you realize you're going to buy a kids' toy — and not let your kids touch it.

TODAY Illustration / LEGO

Case in point: The first-ever Sesame Street LEGO set. It comes out on Sunday, and it is cuteness overload.

Cookie Monster watches Guy Smiley on TV in the first-ever LEGO Sesame Street set, in stores and online November 1. LEGO

In gorgeous colorful detail, it brings to life so many iconic scenes from 123 Sesame Street: Mr. Hooper's store, Ernie in the bathtub, Bert reading an oatmeal cookbook, Oscar's trashcan (and his worm, Slimey), Elmo and Dorothy, Guy Smiley on TV and more.

123 Sesame Street

This set has everything. Ernie in the bathtub? Check. Bert reading an oatmeal cookbook? Check. LEGO

It's all the best parts of childhood in a box.

The idea came from a fan, and LEGO brought it to life.LEGO

The set, which came from a fan's idea, will require grown-up help: It's for ages 18+ and has 1,367 pieces. But there are enough sweet nooks that little kids can help build to make this one a fun family project.

The Sesame Street minifigures might be the only part you let your kids play with.LEGO

Unless, of course, you want to keep it all for yourself. We won't judge you.

Get it starting November 1 for $119.99 at LEGO stores and on