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Mom posts perfect response to nosy questions about twins

Annie Nolan posted a photo to her Instagram account addressing some of the top inquiries she receives about her girls while out in public.
/ Source: TODAY

As the mother of a 4-year-old son and twin 2-year-old daughters, Australian mom Annie Nolan is no stranger to the questions and opinions of others. As a joke, Nolan posted a humorous photo to her Instagram account last week, addressing some of the top inquiries she receives about her girls while out in public.

The now viral photo shows twins Cheska and Delphine sitting in their double stroller, holding signs that tell everything from how they were delivered — C-section — to whether or not their mom has her hands full — yes, sometimes with two glasses of wine.

Nolan, who blogs about motherhood at Uncanny Annie, says the photo started out as a joke with her girlfriends.

“Only the night before I posted, we were having a joke about how you can't do anything quickly when you have twins because of how often you get stopped,” Nolan told TODAY. “Mostly, I love it! I love showing off my girls and I am someone that loves asking questions to other moms, too. It is just that sometimes you just want to buy bread and it can take 45 minutes to leave the shop due to the questions.”

Nolan says she had no idea the photo would go viral, as it was only meant to reflect that life would be easier if she had the answers to the most frequently asked questions on display for those who were curious.

Comments on the photo have ranged from telling Nolan to “get over herself,” to calling the photo “on point,” agreeing that they get asked similar questions on a daily basis as parents of multiples.

Nolan holds that she loves talking to strangers about her twins, and that the photo was only an attempt at humor.

“You know that feeling when a little in-joke between friends turns international? Well, that is what I am feeling at the moment,” the mother-of-three posted to her Facebook page over the weekend, calling the photo “a little joke gone mad.”

“We did it only for the photo and purely to share with my friends. When the train came, we got on and took them straight off," said Nolan. "Well, actually there wasn't a chance that the twins were going to keep them on anyway."