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Newborn baby sleeps on top of dad's guitar while he plays a lullaby

While his daughter gently sleeps ...
/ Source: TODAY

It's never too early to become a music fan, but at 3 weeks old, Cody Comer's daughter Carrigan might be one of the very youngest.

Or maybe she's just one of the sleepiest. In any case, we're all melting over here at a video of Carrigan, dozing on top of her dad's guitar ... while he's playing it.

The video, posted by Comer, went up earlier in March and has since generated over 1.5 million shares and over 74,000 comments on Facebook.

Cody, Chandra and Carrigan Comer.Courtesy Cody Comer

"The video came to be just because my wife (Chandra, 21) asked me to put the baby down for a nap while she was visiting with the girls in the other room," Comer, 21, told TODAY in an email. "Then when she saw how I got her to sleep, she captured a pretty precious moment on video so I posted it just because I thought it was pretty cool."

Comer, who lives with his family in Missouri, is an aspiring country star, is crooning Merle Haggard's 1987 hit "Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star."

"I had never done that with her before; I was just thinking of ways to get her to fall asleep while my wife was busy visiting with my sister Emily and my cousin Cassidy," he said.

Cozy time with the Comers isn't always about balancing babies on instruments.Courtesy Cody Comer

Carrigan is a "pretty calm baby," he reports, though like all tots "she does try to fight off her sleep a little now and then."

Alas, this arrangement can't go on forever. "It's definitely a limited-time thing," said Comer. "She will eventually get too big."

But we bet she'll never outgrow her daddy singing her to sleep.