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Fan starts GoFundMe to give Aly Raisman's parents a 'much-deserved' spa day

"Clearly they're going to need some time at the spa after the stress of Rio, and I hope they get it."
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Americans will miss watching Aly Raisman and her Final Five teammates perform their gymnastics routines in Rio, but the nation will also miss seeing Raisman's parents, Ricky and Lynn Raisman, nervously watch their daughter compete from the stands.

Olympics 2016: Aly Raisman's Parents Nervously Watch Gymnastics Routine
Olympics 2016: The Raismans nervously watch their daughter's gymnastics routine.NBC Sports

One concerned fan has started a GoFundMe site, hoping to raise money to provide the Raismans with a bit of post-Olympics rest and relaxation.

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"Now that Aly Raisman has successfully completed two incredible Olympic campaigns, I think it's time her parents got a much-deserved spa day," Berkley Rothmeier wrote on the site. "We've seen their enthusiasm, stress, and commitment — now they deserve some time to relax and unwind!"

Rothmeier, who lives in California, told TODAY Parents that both she and her husband were active in sports in college, and know firsthand what a family affair competitive sports can become.

"I love that her parents show all that commitment and investment in the stands," said Rothmeier. "So often athletes, coaches, and the rest of their support systems are so stoic we forget just how hard they work and how special they are."

Aly Raisman's parents.
Aly Raisman's parents.NBC Sports

Rothmeier hopes to raise $500 through the campaign. And, while Rothmeier does not know the Raisman family personally, she hopes she will be connected with Ricky and Lynn through the power of social media, so she can gift them with the money raised.

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"If I don't manage to get a hold of them, I will donate any money raised to USA Gymnastics," said Rothmeier.

"Clearly they're going to need some time at the spa after the stress of Rio, and I hope they get it."