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Family's viral video about Halloween candy is spot on

The Holderness family tackles Halloween candy -- and why parents steal it -- in their latest parody of the 90's song "Tootsee Roll."
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

In their 1994 hit song "Tootsee Roll,' rap group 69 Boyz sang about the latest dance moves. The catchy song gets revisited by parody couple Penn and Kim Holderness, whose “Candy Bowl" is a tribute to Halloween candy and parental confessions of sneaking into their kids’ candy before it’s even time for trick-or-treating.

“She ain’t got no self control — she just wants that candy bowl,” the Raleigh, North Carolina duo sings as they stuff their faces with candy when their kids, Lola and Penn Charles, aren’t looking.

As the parody continues, Kim “does the shopping by herself, puts it on the pantry shelf, then she tells the kids, ‘alright — only eat this on one night.’”

In the video, Kim offers her kids healthy options — tangerines, sprouted bread — but then once they’re in bed, she hides with the candy bowl and chows down.

“I am such a nutrition hypocrite. I admit it. I give my kids carrots and hummus to snack on then I hide in the pantry and eat all the candy,” Kim told TODAY Parents. “Lola totally busted me last night after I gave her a sliced apple for dessert. She said, ‘AHA! I heard candy wrappers in here!’”

Later in the parody, Penn sits on the porch, ready to hand out Halloween candy, only to realize that by the time the first trick-or-treater arrives, he has eaten the entire bowl.

“He says, ‘oh, just one is fine,’ — says it like a hundred times. Trick-or-treaters — hey, I’m on! Wait, where’s the candy gone?” Penn sings.

Guest stars from across the country also join the family, as parents from Orlando to New Orleans to New England dance with their candy bowls.

“We put a call out on our Facebook page for moms and dads to dance with their candy bowls. It was so much fun watching them all. And it's good to know we aren't alone,” said Kim.

According to a TODAY Parents survey, the Holdernesses and their fellow dancing families are not alone — 92 percent of parents surveyed admit to stealing their kids’ candy, while 90 percent say they give out candy rather than healthy snacks or non-candy items on Halloween night. That’s a lot of sugary temptation, and we’re not sure how those of you who resist manage to stay strong.