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What does Thanksgiving look like in your family? Take our TODAY survey

These 10 questions will reveal everything about your Turkey Day.
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, 1973.
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, 1973.Alamy Stock Photo

Every November, families across the country celebrate Thanksgiving, a time for coming together peacefully to give thanks for what's truly important in our lives.

Or ... maybe not.

Maybe for you, Thanksgiving is a time of stress. Maybe it's arguing politics over dry turkey and pleading with your kids to just try one bite while you ignore judgmental glares from older relatives.

Maybe it's pumpkin pie and loveliness; maybe it's burnt pans and hurt feelings. Maybe it's a bit of both.

Tell us what your Thanksgiving experience is really like in this survey, which is totally anonymous (don't worry, we'd never tell your Aunt Karen that you think her green bean casserole is gross).

1. How do you celebrate?

2. Joy or stress?

3. Is there gratitude in that attitude?

4. No thank you

5. Do you turn on the TV?

6. Planes, trains and automobiles

7. Let’s talk about eating

8. Pick a favorite

9. Are you really grateful, for real?

10. What I'm really looking forward to ...

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