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This 7-year-old ‘just remembered’ an important school project — and his mom’s reaction is perfect

“The paper is in my backpack and my backpack is in the car, I think.”
/ Source: TODAY

Gabriela Palacios would do anything for her 7-year-old son, Leo. But Palacios was ready to breathe fire when Leo announced he had a project on Komodo dragons due the next morning ... at 9:30 p.m. on a school night.

In a now-viral TikTok video, an apologetic Leo confesses to his mother that that he "just remembered" the assignment. The first grader, who is in a program for gifted children, clearly feels awful.

“The reason we’re both whispering is because I was laying in bed with his little sister and she had fallen asleep,” Palacios, a high school English teacher in Texas, tells

Palacios notes that she was also dozing when Leo wandered into her bedroom.

“I forgot and I’m so sorry,” Leo says in the clip, and it’s clear he means it. 

Palacios, 30, isn't angry in her response.

“It’s OK, baby,” she replies calmly. 

At this point, Leo makes his mom an offer that left TikTokers in stitches.

“You can take a little rest or you can do it now,” he says.

Moments later, Palacios and her four kids were headed to a local Family Dollar to pick up supplies. 

“We got there right before it closed at 10," she tells 

Leo's finished diorama made the teacher's deadline.
Leo's finished diorama made the teacher's deadline.Courtesy Gabriela Palacios

When the family got home, Palacios, a single parent, put Leo's siblings back to bed and helped Leo complete his Komodo dragon diorama. Palacios says she just assisted with necessary tasks such as using a hot glue gun. 

“I’m in my son’s corner. We’ve all been there where we’ve forgotten about something until the last minute and needed somebody to bail us out," she says.

In the comments, many people applauded Palacios’s understanding response.

“The way he’s never going to be afraid to ask momma for help,” one person wrote.

Added another, "Thank God he doesn’t have the parents we had, I’m so happy that you said 'it’s OK, baby' that healed a little part of me also….”

"Leo gave his presentation in front of his class and he was so proud," Palacios says. "He said he was so glad he wasn't the only kid without a diorama."