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People are surprising their grandparents with adult sleepovers in sweet videos

“They haven’t done this since they were little.”
/ Source: TODAY

This is so wholesome!

In a new TikTok trend, pajama-clad adults descend on their grandparents' homes unannounced, armed with sleeping bags and snacks, to spend the night. The grandparents' reactions are confusion ... and then utter delight.

On Dec. 20, Pam Fair, 67, was sitting at home in Tupelo, Mississippi, minding her own business when her three grandchildren showed up at her door for a surprise sleepover.

"My daughter Brandi had mentioned that my grandkids wanted to come by that night but (they didn't) so I washed my makeup off and put on my pajamas," Fair tells "Then the doorbell rang."

In walked Fair's grandchildren, Madelyn, 23, Sydney, 21, and Jakob, 23, accompanied by Madelyn's husband, Russell Betterton, and Sydney's boyfriend, Ryan Davis.

"Surprised their Nana with a sleepover," Brandi captioned her TikTok footage with more than 5 million views. "They haven't done this since they were little."

Brandi tells that Pam's eyes widened when her grandchildren entered carrying pillows and blankets. "She was so excited."

When the grandchildren were young and their mother worked nights as a nurse, sleepovers at Grandmother Pam and Paw-Paw Larry's home were routine. Since Larry died from kidney cancer in May 2012, says Brandi, her mother has been lonely.

"He thought the sun rose and set with those children," adds Pam.

That night, the grandchildren looked at old family photos, laughing at shots of their young parents, and played Bingo. In the morning, Pam cooked everyone biscuits and gravy.

Later, Pam discovered that her grandchildren had sneakily snagged her deck of cards and hid them all around the house. "I found one in a plant and another in a picture frame," she says.

Brandi says the sleepover touched her mom: "She said, 'I will never forget this.'"

Over in Hackettstown, New Jersey, Julia Galluccio and her five cousins plotted to surprise their grandparents Kathleen and Matt Goerke.

"Me and my 19 cousins would sleep at our grandparents' house as children," Galluccio, 23, tells "I recently showed my brother an old sleepover video, so we got a group text together."

After spending Christmas morning together, six of the grandchildren met up at a local gas station, where they changed into pajamas and bought snacks. An hour later, they returned to their grandparents home, where Julia's mom filmed their arrival.

When Matt opened the door, he was greeted by his six grandchildren, one of whom carried an Xbox. "We got couches, we got bed, we've got everything!" exclaimed Matt.

Julia tells that her grandmother supplied her cousins with robes and they spent the night eating dessert and watching the movie "Klaus."

"My grandparents were so excited," says Julia. "It’s been so long since we’ve been together like this."