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30 fun Christmas games for kids and families to enjoy all season

Get in the spirit with these festive holiday games for Christmas.
Am I Santa Claus? Rudolph? One game to try this Christmas season is a round of "Who Am I?"
Am I Santa Claus? Rudolph? One game to try this Christmas season is a round of "Who Am I?"Klaus Vedfelt / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

It's time to get ready for the jolliest ho-ho-holiday of the year.

Whether your season is filled to the brim with family traditions, or you're seeking new fun for kids and parents to enjoy together this year, there is no shortage of Christmas games for kids.

Kid games that celebrate the holiday can be as simple as putting a twist on a classic game of tic-tac-toe by using peppermint candies as markers, or creating your own Christmas board game, complete with rules and a homemade game board.

Laura Linn Knight, author of “Break Free from Reactive Parenting“ told TODAY Parents that the Christmas season is a great time to engage in family fun, whether it's a game or activity.

Knight shared that making gingerbread houses, decorating stockings, reading “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” and watching “The Nutcracker” are all family activities she shares with her children during this season.

The Christmas season also brings the winter solstice.

"Fun activities tied to the winter solstice include giving back to nature and making candles," Knight told TODAY.

30 Christmas games for kids

Whether it's a cozy night at home watching a movie and playing Christmas trivia or handing out prizes for the best neighborhood decorations, here are 30 Christmas games for kids and families to enjoy this holiday.

  • Homemade racetrack with seasonal obstacles.
  • Christmas "Guess Who?" game.
  • Make your own Christmas music video.
  • Play "I Spy" while watching Christmas movies.
  • Have a Christmas carol sing-off.
  • Christmas scavenger hunt.
  • Have a Play-Dough challenge creating festive decorations.
  • Christmas charades.
  • Make a maze using red and green tape.
  • Kid-friendly Christmas trivia.
  • Build gingerbread houses.
  • Christmas movie trivia.
  • Timed blanket fort building.
  • Play "I Spy" while driving around looking at Christmas decorations.
  • Christmas Pictionary.
  • Host a Christmas cookie baking competition.
  • Make a Christmas board game.
  • Rank neighborhood decorations and hand out prizes.
  • Paint the snow.
  • Christmas matching game.
  • Reindeer antler ring toss game.
  • Christmas Mad Libs.
  • Dress up like Christmas movie characters.
  • Build snowmen from red and green Legos.
  • Santa piñata.
  • Christmas crossword puzzles.
  • Play tic-tac-toe using peppermint candy.
  • Christmas word searches.
  • Christmas coloring pages.
  • Cookie decorating contest.

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