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How Al Roker accidentally found out his daughter Courtney was pregnant

One of Al's family goofballs accidentally let the news slip, he says.
/ Source: TODAY

Many parents dream of the day they find out they're going to become grandparents...but for TODAY weatherman Al Roker, his daughter's big pregnancy reveal didn't go exactly according to plan.

Al's oldest daughter, Courtney Roker Laga, announced that she and her husband, Wesley Laga, are expecting their first child together.

Al had known for awhile before the two made their public announcement in a March 14 Instagram.

“A new adventure is about to begin ❤️🍼,” she captioned her video, set to the tune of Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby.”

In a text to on March 14, she added that so far she is “feeling great and baby is healthy.” 

“We are extremely excited to welcome a new member into our family and start this next chapter in our lives,” she said via text to “We feel truly blessed and excited for our little miracle.”

In a 3rd Hour of TODAY segment on March 15, Al told his co-hosts the news “still hasn’t quite sunken in” for him.

He then revealed that his daughter and her husband hadn't been the ones to break the news to him about the pregnancy.

"Wes' goofy brother accidentally dropped (the news) on a text, thanks Cory," he told his colleagues as they laughed.

"There's one in every family!" TODAY's Savannah Guthrie quipped.

"Two in mine," Al replied.

Al added that in honor of his own dad, he's hoping his grandpa name will be Pop-Pop.

He echoed those sentiments in the comments of Courtney's pregnancy announcement.

“Here we go!!! So very very happy!!!!! You guys,” Al wrote, later following up with another pitch for his future nickname. “Going for Pop-Pop.”

Courtney and Laga got married back in 2021.

Al shares Courtney with his ex-wife, Alice Bell. He also shares two kids — a younger daughter, Leila, 24, and a son, Nick, 20 — with his wife, Deborah Roberts.