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Families divided: Where does your house fall in the great pumpkin spice debate?

Pumpkin pasta, pumpkin bagels, pumpkin the pumpkin spice overload madness? Or are you a fan of the seasonal treat?
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

What begins as an innocent trip to Starbucks for the first PSL of the season could quickly turn into a pumpkin spice obsession. A trip to the grocery store will yield seasonal treats like pumpkin spice bagels, pumpkin pasta and pumpkin spiced...ham?

How far is too far in when it comes to adding a pumpkin spice touch to just about everything in the fall?

And can a love, or hatred, of pumpkin spice tear apart a relationship? Kim and Penn Holderness, parents of two and creators of popular parody videos, explore that tongue-in-cheek question in their latest parody, a pumpkin spiced version of the 21 Pilots song "Heathens." Penn Holderness sings of his disgust with pumpkin spice products while wife Kim dances through the kitchen, pouring pumpkin spice on avocados and showing off her collection of pumpkin grocery items.

"Welcome to the room of people who have lost their minds spicing everything — disturbing," Penn sings in the pumpkin spiced parody.The Holderness family

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"Kim is the most seasonally celebratory person on the planet," Penn told TODAY Parents. "She leans into Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas like no one else, so she goes all in on pumpkin."

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"I think that raw pumpkin in its natural form is fine," Penn continued. "But otherwise this time of year a lot of my favorite foods like beer, nachos, and coffee are being ruined by something that doesn't need to be there."

Believe it or not, this is actually a debate across the nation.

Kimberly Jester lives in Maryland, and while she admits to enjoying fall treats like pumpkin spice lattes, she was shocked to find pumpkin spiced ham on a recent grocery shopping trip.

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Pumpkin spiced smoked ham spotted at a grocery store in Maryland.Kimberly Jester

"All this other pumpkin spice stuff is nonsense," said Jester. "I've seen pumpkin spice ham, pumpkin spice tortilla chips, pumpkin spice spaghetti sauce — I definitely think it's pumpkin spice overkill. Now that pumpkin spice is everywhere, it makes it lose its special appeal."

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Nicole Sutton, a mom of three from Virginia, disagrees. Sutton admits to pulling out her fall boots and shopping for pumpkin spice products as soon as the first leaf hits the ground in her area.

A sweatshirt owned by Nicole Sutton, who admits to being obsessed with pumpkin spice.Nicole Sutton

"My obession is pretty bad," said Sutton. "So bad that whenever there is anything about pumpkins on social media, I am usually tagged in it. If there is a new product with pumpkin in it — my friends are sending pictures to me of it."

At the end of their parody video, Penn smashes pumpkins with a baseball bat, while Kim explains that, in their relationship, she is clearly the pumpkin enthusiast.

"Kim is the most seasonally celebratory person on the planet," Penn told TODAY Parents. "She leans into Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas like no one else, so she goes all in on pumpkin."The Holderness family

"Where do you fall in this great debate?" Kim asks viewers.

We, too, are curious where you fall in the great pumpkin spice debate. Take our poll and tell us — does pumpkin spice put you in the fall spirit? Or are you ready for December, when Starbucks breaks out the holiday cups and pumpkins turn into Christmas trees?