Extreme napping, toddler style: Kid goes viral with funny falls

A lot of kids are skilled when it comes to sleep avoidance. Stalling is a favored tactic for many – asking for that last glass of water or claiming to need to use the bathroom. But some kids elevate sleep avoidance to an art form or an extreme sport. Little Jude Bennet is one such child.

At just 2 years old, he’s already a master of his craft. This toddler’s still in a crib, but like a true artist, he has gotten creative and managed to work with what he has available (i.e., soft blankets and a pillow, perfect for face plants).

Jude’s parents, John and Ashleigh Bennet, recently posted the hilarious video of their little guy on their blog, writing, “Today we thought we heard a little scuffle in his room. We popped open the iPad, fired up the camera app, and this is what we saw” What they saw via their video monitor was their little cutie patootie performing face plant after face plant in his crib. The video times out after about a minute of him doing free falls – no word yet on when Jude himself timed out. But, judging by his enthusiasm, we’d say he kept at it for a while.

"Our little guy is all personality and cracks us up on a daily/hourly/second-ly basis," John Bennet told TODAY Moms in an email. "I'm not sure exactly where the whole face planting thing came from, but he and I rough house and he loves that, so maybe it's my fault!"

The video has since gone viral, with one commenter on YouTube noting that it’s “better than counting sheep.” And one pun-loving viewer at Gizmodo quipped, “He's trying to *FALL* asleep... get it??”

John said he and his wife are happy people think the video is as funny as they do, but mostly "we're just so happy that we've got him for a son (even if he misses a nap now and then)."

What’s the most creative or unusual technique your kids have ever used to avoid sleeping?

Dana Macario is a Seattle-area mom whose kids love to avoid bedtime.