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Find out what happened when an exhausted mom went on cleaning strike

"Who will blink first? Not me."
/ Source: TODAY

An exhausted mom, known as @MissPotkin on Twitter, had reached her breaking point.

“Two days ago, I decided to stop doing the dishes,” Miss Potkin wrote on Wednesday. “I make all the dinners and I am tired of having to do all the cleaning too. SINCE THEN this pile has appeared and at some point they are going to run out of spoons and cups and plates. Who will blink first? Not me.”

In the photo, a kitchen counter is seen cluttered with dinnerware, baby bottles and cutlery.

“There is a pan on the cooker with a single sausage in it. It’s been there for two days,” Miss Potkin reported. “I can’t look at it because it’s turned the color of the man that washes up in ‘Cast Away.’”

In a series of follow-up tweets, Miss Potkin revealed she had stopped doing the laundry and was also refusing to replace the toilet paper roll.

On Thursday, Miss Potkin shared a promising video of her husband hard at work “scraping rock hard old cereal off a bowl.”

“Big day, BIG, huge,” she wrote.

At this point, Miss Potkin was going viral with thousands of comments and retweets.

“Please keep us updated. I tried this when my now middle aged children were teenagers I broke first,” one person replied.

Added another, “I’m loving this. I literally went through the same thing but my outcome didn’t pan out the way I was hoping so I’m intrigued by how yours will end.”

It didn’t end the way Miss Potkin had hoped. Though the kitchen is ultimately cleaner, the dishwasher still hasn’t been turned on and the sink is filled with pots and dirty water.

“It’s the swamp sink,” Miss Potkin explained in a video, noting sarcastically that she is the only who in the house who knows how to drain it and “pick out all the onions and potatoes.”

But on the plus side, Miss Potkin added that “the sausage of death is no more.”

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