Evil Baby Glare-Off declares a winner, parents quake in fear

Is there anything sweeter than the angelic gaze of an adorable baby? Obviously not. But there is one thing that’s funnier – the evil glare that same, sweet little cherub can give when she decides to get her stink eye on. That’s why Ilana Wiles, the New York City mom behind the popular blog, Mommy Shorts, decided to host the second-annual “Evil Baby Glare-Off” contest on her site.

While some have found the use of the term “evil” in connection with babies a bit alarming, Wiles insists it’s all in good fun. “There are tons of photo contests trying to find the cutest baby. I don't like saying one baby is cuter than the other. To me, it is much more fun to find the evilest baby. Then none of the parents are taking the contest seriously and nobody is going to get offended. Kind of like the anti-beauty pageant,” Mommy Shorts told TODAY Moms.

This year, more than 300 moms sent in pictures of their hilarious babies giving the camera the stink-eye. It may seem amazing that children too young to have mastered walking or solid foods can have mastered the art of the evil eye, but a look at the pictures over at Mommy Shorts confirms it’s true.

Wiles first narrowed it down to 32 babies with the most intimidating glares. But, in the end, it all came down to two – Lil D and Kadence. Those of you who followed last year’s contest will remember that Lil D also made an appearance in 2011 but got knocked out in the first round.

This determined toddler didn’t give up. As her mom, Kelly, writes on her blog Dances With Chaos, Lil D used the experience from 2011 to help her in 2012: “She didn’t give up. She’s stubborn like that. Lil D spent the next year training as she fully embraced her 2-year-old nature. She spent hours practicing on me each time she failed to get her way.”

But once again, Lil D's dream of evil-baby dominance were crushed and she was left as a runner up.

While TODAY Moms couldn’t reach this year’s winner, Kadence, or her mother for comment (presumably, they’re still out celebrating their victory), Lil D's mom, Kelly, described her daughter's response to this year’s loss. “She [Lil D] concurred Kadence also had a very 'angry' face and then demonstrated her own. Again. After which she announced she would spend the following year really exploring her 3-year-old nature in hopes of earning the title 'Champion' next year. She has declared Queen's 'We Will Rock You' as her training anthem after it inspired her from a single listen on the radio,” Kelly told TODAY Moms.

Check out these evil baby contenders... if you dare. And there's plenty more on Mommy Shorts. / Today
Who's the evilest of them all? Mommy Shorts' tongue-in-cheek Evil Baby Glare-Off declared Kadence the winner this year. Congratulations to her parents... we guess? / Today

Dana Macario is a Seattle-area mom who thinks there’s nothing scarier (or funnier) than a baby giving the evil eye.

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