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Ellie Kemper talks about the 'crazy' names she considered for son James

Spoiler alert: They totally were not crazy.
/ Source: TODAY

Moon Unit. Fifi Trixibelle. Bronx Mowgli.

Celebrities certainly have a... unique style with naming children.

So when "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" star Ellie Kemper chatted with recently before co-hosting the third hour of the TODAY show, we asked about the inspiration for her son's name. James Miller, her first child with husband Michael Koman, is 10 months old now.

James, she explained, is her paternal grandfather's name and Miller is the maiden name of her maternal grandmother.

"Also," she explained, "we love the ring of it: 'James Miller.' I think it’s very classy."

So, no creative Hollywood names were considered?

"I am sort of a traditional person," Kemper said. "I think the wildest we got was like, William — which isn’t wild at all. Not wild people. So crazy!"

Kemper recently shared James's photo publicly for the first time on the TODAY show. She said her favorite thing about his current stage at 10 months — in addition to the fact that he's now sleeping well, which she very much did not want to jinx — is how quickly he's learning new things.

"He develops a new skill it seems every day. I mean granted the skill is like getting better at pulling different parts of my neck, but he’s still developing them," Kemper said. "Just this past weekend, he learned clapping your hands and when I say 'Clap your hands, James,' he claps his hands. He’s growing so fast!"

A proud mama is always worth applauding!

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