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Elizabeth Hurley shares throwback bikini pic cuddling son Damian as she worked

Hurley showed what it was like to be a working mom while modeling.
/ Source: TODAY

Elizabeth Hurley may be a famous actress and model, but she also knew what it was like to be a working mom.

Hurley, 55, shared a gorgeous throwback photo of a tender moment between her and her son Damian Hurley, now 18, while she was working during a photo shoot. Donning a bikini, she was shooting photos for Elle France when her young son decided he needed some quality time with mom.

"One of my favorite pictures of me and @damianhurley1... Damian decided it was nap time and toddled up, lay down on me and fell into a deep sleep in his safe place," Hurley wrote on Instagram.

Paris photographer Sylvie Lancrenon also shared the beautiful black-and-white snap in its entirety on her feed as well, captioning the pic with a bunch of hashtags, including #SummerVibes.

Damian, who now also works as a model like his famous mom, rested on top of her torso and appeared to be taking a quick snooze while Hurley glanced at Lancrenon, who captured the loving moment between mother and son.

Hurley's friends and fans seemed to love the photo, with many taking to the comments section to praise the moment.

Celebrity hair stylist Cyril Laloue reminisced, "We were in Marrakesh. I remember (I) carried Damian on my shoulders."

Now grown up, Damian looks exactly like his mother and he even shares her famous smoldering look at the camera.

Hurley raised Damian as a single mother. His biological father was Steve Bing, a film financier and philanthropist who died by suicide in June.

After his father's death, Damian thanked fans on social media for sharing their love and well wishes during the trying time.

"I’d like to thank you all again for your overwhelming kindness over the past few days," he wrote on Instagram. "Your love and support has helped me greatly during this challenging time."