5 memorable last-minute Father's Day gifts to make with your kids

Looking for some inspiration for Father's Day gifts? Check out these great projects from our readers!

These easy DIYs are perfect for moms in a rush and can help start a fun tradition with your kids. Not to mention, dad will love the the memories!

1. Photos of the kids

Facebook via Angela Lemmons
Cute kids + letters = MAGIC!!

2. Handmade book

Facebook via Alana Ramos

3. Handprint paintings

Facebook via Amy Hanson S.
My husband had my sons make this a few years ago for Mother's Day. Their hand prints are the petals and the stem is their feet!
Facebook via Laura Bohn
Watercolor because it is fast, easy clean up!

4. Decorated mugs

Facebook via Lindsey Johnson Sleeper

5. Backyard stepping stone

Facebook via Nicole O'Dell
Super easy to do, and a way to capture those tiny handprints forever!

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