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31 days of Halloween costumes: Little Red Riding Hood (and wolf)

"It's so much fun having the dog be a part of our daughter's Halloween costume!"
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Every day in October, we’re bringing you Halloween costume inspiration from the TODAY Parenting Team. Our fellow parents are sharing their favorite costumes, whether they're awe-inspiring DIY creations or quick-and-easy store-bought solutions. It’s all about making the little goblins happy, right?

Bookmark this page for a new costume idea every day, and share your own Halloween photos and stories on the TODAY Parenting Team.

October 20: Little Red Riding Hood (and wolf)

Rjenkins1982/TODAY Parenting Team

Halloween costumes that involve cute pets get extra points in this neck of the woods, and TODAY Parenting Team Contributor Rjenkins1982's Little Red Riding Hood and wolf match-up is no exception.

The creative mom shared this costume idea on the TODAY Parenting Team: Her daughter is adorably dressed as the fairy tale character while her dog wears a shower cap and Granny glasses, pretending to be the mischievous wolf.

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"It's so much fun having the dog be a part of our daughter's Halloween costume," the TODAY Parenting Contributor wrote. "He did a great job 'disguised' as Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother!"