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Dylan Dreyer opens up about her young boys going in for surgery during a pandemic

"It was just like any parent waiting for their kid to get out of surgery; time goes very, very slowly," she said.
/ Source: TODAY

TODAY's Dylan Dreyer opened up Monday about her two young boys, Calvin, 3, and Oliver, 6 months, going in for “routine” surgeries during the pandemic.

Calvin got his tonsils out Friday, and Ollie had a routine procedure done Monday.

Both boys did “great,” Dylan told TODAY Parents, and they’re doing “much better.”

“To put both my 3 1/2 and 6-month-old through that was stressful, but kids are just amazing,” she said. “Calvin laughed through his COVID test, and Ollie was smiling the whole time. Kids just handle things totally differently than we do.”

Dylan said the boys could only have one parent with them during their procedures.

“For Oliver, I had to bring my cooling bag for my pump, and then the diaper bag, and I’m also carrying Oliver, and it was just like trying to carry everything was stressful enough,” she explained. “And then post-surgery, trying to carry him out delicately was a lot.

“He was getting hungry and tired, and he was grumpy, and I’m trying to console him,” Dylan said. “Brian (her husband) is texting me trying to make sure everything’s OK, but I don’t have any hands to text him so he’s freaking out.

“I just didn’t have support, and it just makes everything a little bit harder,” she added with a sigh. “Bringing your kids in for surgery and watching them both go under anesthesia is so nerve-wracking. ... it just made it so much harder with all the restrictions.”

Despite it all, she’s grateful the kids turned out just fine and bounced back quickly.

"Kids are just so resilient, it’s incredible,” she said with a laugh. “For us, if we go through something like surgery as adults, all day long I just want to be babied and pampered. … but with kids, you give them some Motrin, and they feel good!”

She said Calvin was back to his normal self later that night “jumping around” and hungry for dinner.

Dylan added she’s grateful to the medical staff who helped her and her boys out before, during and after the procedures.

“From the second you walk into the hospital, I always felt safe, and it’s just a testament to how well the hospitals are doing,” she said. “I know everybody is spread so thin.”