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Watch Dylan Dreyer’s son Oliver get emotional over his love for baby brother Rusty

The TODAY meteorologist and her husband, Brian Fichera, are parents of three boys.
/ Source: TODAY

Ever love someone so much it makes you cry? That’s how Dylan Dreyer’s son Oliver, 2, feels about his 5-month-old brother, Rusty.

On Thursday, Dylan’s husband, Brian Fichera, shared a video of Oliver weeping at the sight of Rusty, who is shown sucking happily on a pacifier.

“Ollie, that’s your brother?” Fichera asks, gently.

“Yes,” Oliver sobs.

“You love your brother?” 

“Yes,” the toddler replies, as tears steam down his face. "That's my brother."

The clip then cuts to footage of former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens tearfully defending quarterback Tony Romo following a loss in 2008.

“That’s my teammate,” a sniffling Owens is seen telling reporters. “That’s my quarterback.” 

“Emotions running high this morning,” Fichera captioned his post. “O.G. went full T.O.” 

“And scene! Thank goodness the cameras were rolling. You will need this clip in the future when they are at each others throats,” wrote one person.

Added another, “Love this so much. Always ok for boys to cry. So nice his feelings were recognized and named and no one told him, ‘don’t cry.’”

Fichera and the TODAY meteorologist are also parents of 5-year-old son, Calvin, who has been obsessed with Rusty from day one.

“It’s hard to find a picture where Calvin isn’t hugging him or kissing or laying on top of him,” Dylan revealed in October 2021. “It’s just be a really, really special time.”