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Dylan Dreyer marvels at 'incredible' connection between Calvin and Oliver

Dylan loves seeing Calvin interact with Oliver, but says "a 3-year-old is a little not so gentle."
/ Source: TODAY

The brotherly bond between Dylan Dreyer’s two boys is already rock solid.

Dylan called into the 3rd hour of TODAY on Friday to give Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones and Maria Shriver an update on baby Oliver and shared just how much big brother Calvin is loving the new addition to the family.

Calvin has quickly developed a love for Calvin.
Calvin has quickly developed a love for Calvin.TODAY

“When I was over, Calvin was there and it is so sweet watching the two of them together,” Al said of his recent visit to meet Oliver.

“It’s incredible,” Dylan said. “I mean, especially in the morning, we wake up and Calvin immediately wants to kiss him and he wants to hold his hand all the time, but, you know, a 3-year-old is a little not so gentle,” she said as a picture of Calvin kissing his little brother in the crib appeared on the screen.

“He takes his hand and wants to give him a high-five and he’s shaking his arm, and I’m like so worried he’s gonna just break his arm off. It’s like, ‘Gentle, gentle.’”

Dylan then shared a clip of a video of Calvin standing over the crib touching his brother’s cheek.

Calvin having a moment with his little brother.
Calvin having a moment with his little brother.TODAY

“He’s just manhandling his face,” she said while Al, Sheinelle and Maria chuckled. “Stick a good finger in the eye.”

“It builds character,” Al quipped. “It’s all good.”

Earlier this month, Dylan shared side-by-side photos of Calvin and Oliver as newborns that captured how similar they looked.

"Pure bliss," she captioned the post.