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Watch adorable video of Dylan's 3-year-old son feeding his baby brother

Calvin has the magic touch!
/ Source: TODAY

A video of Dylan Dreyer’s son Calvin feeding his 6-month-old baby brother, Oliver, is melting hearts.

The Instagram clip begins with Dylan, who is behind the camera, asking 3-year-old Cal what Ollie is having for dinner.

“Avocado and carrots," Cal responds. A moment later, he adds that zucchini is also on the menu.

Cal loads the spoon like a pro and then encourages Oliver, who is seated in a high chair, to “open wide," He also throws in a sign language lesson and shows Oliver how to signal for “more” and “all done.” Clearly, Cal has the magic touch, as Oliver can’t get enough.

At the end of the meal, Cal informs his mom that it's her turn.

"Now you can feed him," Cal says.

“Thanks for helping,” Dylan tells him.

“You’re welcome,” Cal replies, sweetly.

Dylan proudly shared the clip with her more than 620,000 Instagram followers on Monday.

“The student has become the master,” she captioned the post. “#diningwithcal #diningwithollie #calandollie #gocalgo.”

"Your boys are a delight to watch. Cal is an amazing big brother," wrote one person.

Added another, "I love when Cal almost takes his own bite."

Dylan, who shares Cal and Oliver with her husband, Brian Fichera, previously told TODAY that her kids had an immediate bond.

“It’s incredible,” she gushed earlier this year. “I mean, especially in the morning, we wake up and Calvin immediately wants to kiss him and he wants to hold his hand all the time, but you, you know, a 3-year-old is a little not gentle!”