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Dylan Dreyer shares sweet photo of son Calvin with his 'Pop Pop'

Dylan Dreyer and her baby boy took a trip to Manhattan's Little Italy this weekend, and it led to several fun moments.
/ Source: TODAY

Little Calvin took a trip to Little Italy this weekend!

Dylan Dreyer’s baby boy had lots of fun with his parents — and his “Pop Pop,” aka Dylan’s dad — in Manhattan’s Little Italy. He brought his sailboat bib and his smile!

“As a daddy's girl, there's no better feeling in my heart than seeing Calvin with his Pop Pop,” Dylan wrote, adding the hashtag #3generations.

When Calvin wasn’t sitting on his grandfather’s lap, he was hitching a ride on his dad’s shoulders.

Dylan’s husband, NBC Nightly News cameraman Brian Fichera, also posted a video of their 9-month-old son eating pasta. Turns out Calvin eats pasta the same way many of us do: with noodles dangling from our mouth (and feet).

“Like mother, like son!” Dylan wrote.

We're sure he'll get the hang of it eventually. Just look at how quickly he mastered the art of eating an apple.