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Dylan shares sweet photos of baby Rusty snuggling with the family dog

Bosco the miniature schnauzer can't get enough of her brother who was born last month.
/ Source: TODAY

TODAY meteorologist Dylan Dreyer is forecasting a special bond between baby Rusty and family dog Bosco.

On Wednesday, Dylan shared a series of pictures of Rusty napping peacefully on a couch with the miniature schnauzer.

“Who’s snuggling with who??” Dylan captioned the Instagram. “Bosco’s a big fan of this little guy who sleeps all day and isn’t jumping on her! #rustyandbosco #snugglebuddies.”

Dylan and her husband, Brian Fichera, share sons, Calvin, 4, Oliver, 21 months, and Rusty, who was born on Sept. 29, six weeks ahead of his due date.

The couple brought Bosco into their lives when they first started dating. Though she was used to being their only baby, Bosco adjusted beautifully when Calvin arrived on the scene in 2016.

“It’s amazing how kind Bosco is to Calvin and how patient she is,” Dylan revealed in 2018. “She’s just the sweetest dog and we knew that about her second we got her.”

Bosco was named after George Constanza’s favorite chocolate syrup and ATM password on “Seinfeld.”

While Calvin — much like Bosco — is “absolutely obsessed” with Rusty, Oliver is slowly warming up to the newest resident in his home.

“I was a little worried about Ollie. He’s my curve ball, but he’s adjusted so well,” Dylan explained on Weekend TODAY earlier this month. “I think getting to see Calvin and how much of a sweet big brother Calvin is, I think, has calmed Ollie down. There were some tears at first, when he realized what a baby is, but Calvin couldn’t be sweeter."

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