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Dylan Dreyer shares cute video of kids in honor of husband's birthday

Brian Fichera is both an NBC cameraman and husband to TODAY meterologist Dylan Dreyer.
Dylan Dreyer, Brian Fichera
TODAY's Dylan Dreyer revealed Friday morning that she and husband Brian Fichera are expecting their first child, a baby boy, this December.Nathan Congleton / TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

TODAY's Dylan Dreyer is celebrating her husband's birthday with a sweet video of family time.

She shared a clip of newly minted 34-year-old Brian Fichera play wrestling with their two boys on a blanket outside.

"I’m not the cameraman in the family but this video captures the joy you bring to this family every single day," Dylan wrote. "Happy birthday to the man I’m proud our kids get to look up to! Welcome to your’s about time!!"

The couple shares two young boys, Calvin who will turn 4 on Dec. 17 and Oliver, who was born on Jan. 2, 2020.

Fichera posted a video of himself playing "Happy Birthday" on the piano in honor of his big day.

"When it’s 2020 and no one knows what day it is so you tap into your passive aggressive bag of tricks to remind people it’s your birthday..... oh was that the happy birthday song? I was just tickling the ivories didn’t even realize," he wrote in the post.

At the end of the video, a voice asks "Is it your birthday?"

Dylan, 39, told TODAY she "absolutely" remembered Fichera's birthday and that she could "never forget!"

"He reminds me often!" she said with a laugh, adding he just "loves making videos."

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It's been a big year for Dylan and Fichera. They welcomed Ollie to the world in January and then both got sick at the beginning of the pandemic.

Dylan came down with a case of mastitis, an inflammation of breast tissue, she said in April.

"I woke up one night with a 102 degree fever, chills, the works," she told People. "I felt absolutely awful. But then I went on antibiotics, and I was totally fine."

Soon thereafter, Fichera tested positive for COVID-19 and quarantined in Cal's room for 10 days.

"This disease is also brilliant and diabolical,'' he wrote at the time. "It will let up just enough to allow you to feel good about yourself and walk to the bathroom....but then it will suddenly attack you as if it knows you are at the farthest away from your bed. When it hits hard you can’t move, and it feels like you’re snorkeling through a cocktail straw. People have compared it to the flu ...for me it was reminiscent of mono."

But things took a turn for the better once both parents were back up and running — in June, Fichera took to Instagram to let the world see and hear him say his first word, “Dada.”

Happy birthday to the proud dad!