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Dylan Dreyer shares her setup for working from home

We love that there's professional journalistic equipment right alongside sippy cups and tiny sneakers.
/ Source: TODAY

Quarantine or no quarantine, the (TODAY) show must go on!

And in the case of Dylan Dreyer, that means blending your work and life spaces until it's a little hard to even tell them apart. Take these behind-the-scenes images of her home that she shared Thursday, featuring a lot of expensive journalistic tools of the trade ... right next to sippy cups, a toy scooter and Velcro sneakers!

"Working on TV from home is all about hiding the mess. Here’s what you see and what’s hiding in the wings #notimetoclean," she wrote in the caption. And be sure to click on all the fun photos to see what she's talking about. The first shot isn't so surprising — there's a giant TV with "TODAY's Weather" on it. After all, Dylan is one of the people we rely on to know what's coming from the skies!

Dylan Dreyer shares photos of home
Toys and kid stuff everywhere!dylandreyernbc/Instagram

But the next photo shows a wider shot of a home office, lighting equipment, well-decorated shelves (and Elton John's autobiography, "Me") ... but a little bit of bright red in the lower left that might suggest something that had nothing to do with working in TV. And yes! In the third photo, a closer angle reveals that it's clearly a child's toy. And what's that? Yep, it's a high chair with what is probably a sippy cup just waiting to be sipped.

Who needs a kitchen for her kitchen? A mom of two, that's who.
Who needs a kitchen for her kitchen? A mom of two, that's who.dylandreyernbc/Instagram

And then ... the final images of the dining room and kitchen. Every photo is free of people, but the chaos of having two young kids (Calvin, 3, and Oliver, 6 months) is evident: toys, drinks, shoes, a scooter, a backpack and even a play kitchen in the kitchen itself!

Dylan Dreyer
Dylan Dreyer, in her home and work environmentTODAY

We get it! Quarantining with two youngsters is never going to be easy, though we're delighted that she also posted these pictures of Oliver, who's just reached his first half-birthday mark.

"Yup, 2020 has been a little stressful. You know who HASN’T been stressed? This guy!!! I can’t believe he’s 6 months old already!!" she wrote.

Fans love seeing this side of Dylan. One wrote in the comments for her home pictures: "Your 'messy' house just goes to show that it is lived in and enjoyed!" Another noted, "I keep wishing someone working TV from home would just leave the mess out for us to see. Help us all feel a little better! Your home is beautiful."

And so now we know the truth. While working from home (and pumping while working) and alongside a spouse (Brian Fichera) who tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this year, Dylan manages to have a home that feels both totally professional, and totally lived in.