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Dylan Dreyer says she's a roller coaster of emotions in first weeks of pregnancy

TODAY's Dylan Dreyer describes the roller coaster of emotions the first few weeks of pregnancy have brought.
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TODAY's Dylan Dreyer revealed Friday morning that she and husband Brian Fichera are expecting their first child, a baby boy, this December. Here she writes about the roller coaster of emotions the first few weeks of pregnancy have brought.

Brian and I have been married for almost four years. Four wonderful years that included a move to New York City and a new dream-come-true job at the TODAY Show. We weren’t in a rush to have kids and, to be honest, there was a time when we declared we never wanted kids!

Then one day we both looked at each other and said, “I want a baby!” As usual, we were on the same page and it all just seemed right.

Now, here I am, writing my first ever blog about a BABY! It was a tiny little secret we kept among a small circle in our family, and I can now scream it from the rooftops: “I’M PREGNANT!!!”

And now I can scream, “OH CRAP!!!!”

As a first-time mom-to-be, I’ll admit I don’t know a thing. My husband has been excited since the day we got the positive pregnancy test. I’ve been more like, “Well, I don’t want to jinx anything, so let’s just wait until we see the doctor.”

Then we saw the doctor and I was like, “OMG! I'm so excited!!”

Then a day later, I was anxious for my next appointment, waiting to learn whether or not everything was growing OK and on track.

I had that appointment on Monday, a little past 12 weeks. I started telling more people this week, and now I’ve officially announced it to the world — and already I’m thinking, “I can’t wait for that next appointment to make sure everything is OK!”

Dylan Dreyer
Dylan and her husband, Brian, are set to welcome their first baby this winter.Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

I just can’t believe I’m this lucky. I am so grateful and thank God every night and pray for him to keep his angels around our little one so that he’s safe and protected.

I’ve asked people to try to explain to me why having a baby changes your life in a way you could never imagine. No one can put it into words, but when I saw this little guy and watched him dance around and touch his hand to his face, I fell in love instantly. A love I, too, can’t put into words.

Dylan Dreyer announces she is pregnant with a baby boy
Dylan's baby boy is arriving this December.Courtesy of Dylan Dreyer

I hope Savannah doesn’t mind me peppering her with a million questions. Since we’re due at practically the same time and she’s already a trained professional, she’s my perfect resource!

P.S. We didn’t plan the timing of a December baby to get out of winter storm coverage…I swear!

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