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Dylan Dreyer says she prays and thanks God every night for pregnancy

The TODAY meteorologist is grateful for being pregnant with her second child after enduring a miscarriage and secondary infertility.
/ Source: TODAY

Dylan Dreyer has made sure to express her gratitude every day for being pregnant with her second child.

The TODAY meteorologist previously shared her very personal story about miscarriage, secondary infertility and trying to have another baby with husband Brian Fichera before announcing the joyous news in July that she is pregnant.

Dylan Dreyer says she prays daily in thanks for her second pregnancy. Nathan Congleton / TODAY

"I feel so grateful because I know it was so much harder this time around,” she said in an interview with People. “We weren’t sure we were going to get pregnant or what sort of IVF treatments we’d have to go through to be able to have this baby.

"So every night I pray and thank God for putting us in this situation and giving us this opportunity and not having to struggle any longer than we did."

The couple's second son is due in January, when he will join Calvin, 2, who is getting his own big boy room in preparation for his little brother's arrival.

“I wanted to get Calvin’s new room situated before the baby came because I never wanted him to think the baby was stealing his current room,” Dylan told TODAY Home last month.

Dylan and her husband have been especially sensitive to how Calvin will adjust to having a new baby brother.

"I’m more worried about Calvin’s feeling than this baby,” she told People.

"When I was pregnant with Calvin, it was all about the nerves of having a new baby and not knowing what to do with a new baby. And this time around, I know the baby’s going to be fine and I’m so worried about Calvin’s feelings. For the past three years it’s all been about him."

She and Fichera have created a special ritual with Calvin as her due date gets closer.

“I had this little treasure chest, and I put a countdown on it. So every day we cross off the day now," Dylan said. "And every day Calvin opens up the treasure chest and it’s a new little gift from his baby brother, little things like a Matchbox car or a little thing of Play-Doh or stickers or just something small, so he’s excited."