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Dylan Dreyer's son, Calvin, is living his best life by relaxing in the pool

Calvin's earned the right to have a chill day at the pool.
/ Source: TODAY

After a busy seven months that included a Super Bowl rally, a trip to Orlando and around two dozen appearances on his mom’s Instagram page, Dylan Dreyer’s baby boy has earned the right to have a relaxing day at the pool.

Little Calvin came prepared, too. Hat? Check. Waterbed? Check. That smile that makes you go, “Awwwwww”? Check.

Dylan posted the photo on Monday, captioning it, “Party. Animal.” If you swipe through, you’ll see exactly how “maxed relaxed” the party animal was — a second photo reveals Calvin snoozing in his waterbed.

Sleeping in a float in the pool on a sunny summer day? Life doesn’t get any better for Calvin.

He doesn’t necessarily need a pool to catch some zzz’s ...

... but it sure beats sleeping in a high chair!

We hope you enjoyed your nap, Calvin!

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