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The Santa photo struggle is real! Savannah and Dylan share their fun pics

'Tis the season.
/ Source: TODAY

Santa Claus is coming to town — and the children of Savannah Guthrie and Dylan Dreyer aren't happy about it.

The TODAY anchor and meteorologist have both shared a peek of the time-honored tradition of toddlers squirming and crying before they were able to pull it together for sweet family photos with St. Nick.

While Savannah's daughter, Vale, 4, seemed properly mesmerized by Santa, son Charley, 2, was not having it as he did his best to slide his way out of there.

Savannah shared Charley's adorably squirmy antics in a series of photos she labeled "outtakes" on Instagram Monday.

"It was like a wild animal,'' Savannah said on TODAY Tuesday. "We were starting to draw a crowd. It was like 'Oh my gosh, I've got to get out of here.'''

As much as Charley wanted no part of Santa, Vale was in a more pensive mood with the big guy as she dreamed of what he might leave under the tree next week.

Last week, Dylan took to Instagram to share a series of cute photos of her soon-to-be 2-year-old, Calvin, posing with jolly St. Nick. The only problem? Little Calvin subsided into tears at the sight of him, and the encounter turned into an adorably disastrous photo op.

"'Santa scary' -Calvin," Dylan quipped in the caption, quoting her son.

The three slideshow photos shared by Dylan show how Calvin's full interaction with Santa unfolded. In the first, Santa is waving, and Dylan is grinning big with Calvin propped on her lap. In the next pic, the little guy is curling into his mama's arms in terror. And in the final shot, Dylan is giggling as she tends to her son.

Calvin is far from the first kid to shy away from Santa around the holidays. Fellow parents flooded Dylan's comment section with anecdotes of their own children who have also gotten spooked.

Of course, we know Calvin has an adventurous little spirit. After all, he has already helped deliver a forecast and given a hand with his parents' home renovations — and this little guy is just 2! So hey, maybe Calvin will come around to ol' Kris Kringle next year, Dylan!