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Dylan's son is hilariously bad at hide-and-seek: Watch the adorable video

"I'm under the blanket!"
Can you spot the toddler? Where could he be? Dylan Dreyer's son, Cal, plays hide-and-seek with his dad.
Can you spot the toddler? Where could he be? Dylan Dreyer's son, Cal, plays hide-and-seek with his dad. fishlense/Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

A video of Dylan Dreyer's son, three-year-old Calvin, trying and failing to play hide-and-seek might be the cutest thing on the Internet today.

The clip, filmed by Dylan's husband Brian Fichera, was shared on Instagram this afternoon.

"Cal doesn’t have the strongest grasp of hide and seek," wrote Fichera, alongside the video of Calvin struggling to figure out the basics of the game.

The hide-and-seek begins in what appears to be the family's bathroom, with Calvin peering down at his dad.

"Are we playing hide and seek?" Fichera asks. "Whose turn is it?"

Once it's established who's seeking and who's hiding, Calvin asks his dad for advice on hiding spots.

"Where should I hide?" the toddler asks, before turning to a pile of clothing in the corner of the bathroom. "I wanna hide in there. I wanna hide in there!"

Fichera tried to explain the rules of the game to Calvin, but it didn't quite click.

Calvin figured out some great bathroom hiding spots - but kept telling his dad where they were. fishlense/Instagram

"Cal, you know you’re not supposed to tell me where you hide? It’s like, it makes it harder for me to find you," Fichera explained.

Undeterred, Calvin points to the corner and goes "There!"

The suspenseful game continues in their living room, with Calvin hiding under a gray blanket and calling out for his dad to come find him.

"I don't know where to look!" Fichera jokes.

"I'm under the blanket!" Calvin replies, to Fichera's amusement.

Hiding under a blanket might have worked - if Calvin hadn't kept telling his dad where he was. fishlense/Instagram

"I don't think you're getting this," he said, as Calvin unveiled himself.

They tried one last time, this time with Calvin hiding just his head under a pillow.

The comments on the post quickly filled with people enjoying the adorable video.

"This is the BEST," wrote TODAY's Sheinelle Jones, along with a series of cry-laughing emojis.

Others shared their own stories about playing hide-and-seek with young children.

"My son uses the same hiding spots over and over," wrote one parent.

"My three year old granddaughter hid under a glass patio table..." added another user.

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