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Dylan Dreyer's husband reveals her pregnancy cravings

There's chocolate. And some more chocolate.
/ Source: TODAY

You’d better believe Dylan Dreyer is pregnant!

The TODAY host’s husband, Brian Fichera, had some fun with his wife’s cravings in an Instagram post.

“Dylan Dreyer’s pregnancy survival kit. #pregnancycravings,” he wrote alongside a photo of a container of fruit-flavored Tums, a box of Reese's Pieces and a tub of Nesquik.

Last month, Dylan, who has been open about her struggle to get pregnant, not only announced she was expecting the couple’s second child, but she also revealed she's having another boy, joining Calvin, 2.

Nutritionist and author Judith Brown, who writes college text books on pregnancy nutrition, told TODAY in 2014 that pregnancy cravings are in fact genuine but for most women “they don’t mean much at all.”

“Food cravings are real but when you look at the kinds of food cravings, they’re benign,” she said.

Brown said it's okay to indulge in your cravings, provided you don't overdo it.

"Enjoy your new-found taste for something. Have some fun with it as long as your diet stays good and you’re not gaining too much weight," she said.

Dylan can take heart knowing she's got good company with those cravings. Several people chimed in on Brian's post to share the foods they or their loved ones couldn't get enough of while they were expecting.

"Everyone has something - for my wife it was grilled cheese and grape soda.....," wrote one person.

"I ate pizza 7 days a week at 5 pm followed by tums! The rest of the time I Threw up! And that was 40+ years ago! Important to remember whatever Dylan wants she gets!," someone else wrote.

"The Cravings are a riot!!! I remember my wife hated hot dogs and ate like 5,000 of them during her pregnancy," another person commented.

Enjoy, Dylan!