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Dylan Dreyer's husband shares their family's relatable year in review

Brian Fichera included the good, the bad and even a game of shot roulette!
/ Source: TODAY

Dylan Dreyer’s husband, Brian Fichera, is sharing a look back at how their family survived 2020.

In a relatable Instagram video, set to R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World Know It (And I Feel Fine)” the parents to sons, Calvin, 4, and Oliver, 11 months, are shown doing everything from snuggling to playing a drinking game.

“We did some home schooling. We played fetch with our dog Bosco in the hallway… also played fetch with Calvin in the hallway,” Fichera wrote. “I made irresponsible purchases on Amazon (I stand by shot roulette.)

Fichera also joked about the TODAY meteorologist learning to play Elton John's "Rocketman" on the keyboard and the memorable buzz cut she gave him at their home.

“Dylan opened a barbershop… also closed a barbershop on the same day,” he wrote.

But the tribute ends on a heartfelt note with Fichera reflecting on some of the harder moments they faced in 2020, including his battle with coronavirus.

“We lost people close to us....we got sick....we live laughed loved (gag) we struggled cried and got angry. But we always had each other,” Fichera revealed. “Love these crazies.”

Fichera spent 10 days in self-isolation to help protect Dylan and their children from getting sick.

"There was also an emotional component to this disease. I cried. ALOT. I never cry (unless Homeward Bound or Forrest Gump is on tv)," he shared on Instagram in April.

Fichera described COVID-19 as "the Freddy Krueger of virus's because it knows where you are weakest and knows your deepest fears and it attacks accordingly."

"All I can say is hydrate, cry and be patient," he wrote at the time. "When you feel 100% and feel like you beat this thing wait 3 more days ... Be safe. Be smart. Be humble."