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Dylan Dreyer's husband reveals silly nickname for baby Ollie with new photo

Brian Fichera also shared the backstory of the nickname, in honor of his youngest son's 8-month birthday.
/ Source: TODAY

Just when you thought Dylan Dreyer's two little boys couldn't get any cuter!

Brian Fichera, the husband of the meteorologist and 3rd hour of TODAY co-host, just revealed the adorable story behind their 8-month-old son Ollie's nickname, "Ducky."

Fichera posted a pic of baby Ollie with his big brother, Calvin, 3, Wednesday on Instagram in honor of Ollie's 8-month birthday.

"Ollie G...aka Ducky (due to his incredible resemblance to a giant rubber ducky we saw) has been looking up to his brother for 8 months already. What a duo. #eightmonths #ducky #ollieg #og," he captioned it.

And if you take a good look at Ollie, well, you can kind of see what his dad means!

Dylan also celebrated Ollie's big day by sharing her own gallery filled with sweet pics of her sons.

"I want to say Ollie is the best thing that’s happened in 2020 but that seems unfair," she quipped in the Instagram caption. "A peanut butter and jelly sandwich could win for best thing that’s happened in 2020 with the way it’s going."

"So let me go ahead and say you, Ollie, and your big brother Calvin are the best things to have ever happened to @fishlense and me!!" she added.

Just last month, Dylan celebrated her 39th birthday on the same day Ollie turned 7 months old. To mark the special occasion, Fichera shared photos of Dylan and the boys along with a masked selfie of him and Dylan.

In his caption, Fichera, who contracted COVID-19 this past spring, opened up about how much Dylan means to their family.

"Given how long 2020 has felt you’d expect me to be celebrating Dylan’s 150th birthday today ... however I am not going to engage on 2020 bashing," he wrote. "Through all this intensely unique fear and pain we have felt during this pandemic at the same time we have genuinely smiled every day this year. Dylan heroically ushered in an honest miracle on January 2nd 2020."

He continued, "So with all due respect to the boogie man that is 2020 I’d like to say every day we smile we win. Masked smiles are smiles none the less and I am profoundly happy to celebrate you today and every day. Happy birthday Dyl!"

Dylan responded to her husband’s heartfelt post, writing, "You always say the perfect thing. I love you and despite everything I love 2020 with you too!!"

She also shared her own pics of baby Ollie the same day, gushing, "7 months ago, Oliver came into our lives. Today we’re celebrating birthdays together! Granted 7 months is much more exciting than 39 years but, hey, I got to eat cake and Ollie had steamed zucchini. Thank you everyone for the sweet birthday wishes!! Cheers!"