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Dylan Dreyer reveals she had mastitis before husband had coronavirus

It's been a rough few months for Dylan, who opened up about the family's health woes to People.
/ Source: TODAY

For the past month, Dylan Dreyer's maternity leave has been challenging.

The meteorologist and 3rd hour of TODAY co-host, who went on leave in January to welcome her son Oliver, opened up to People magazine about experiencing her own health scare right before her husband, Brian Fichera, tested positive for COVID-19.

Image: Dylan Dreyer, Brian Fichera
TODAY's Dylan Dreyer with her husband, Brian Fichera. Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Dylan, 38, feared she was coming down with the coronavirus herself in late March. But it turned out to be a nasty case of mastitis, an inflammation of breast tissue. "I woke up one night with a 102 degree fever, chills, the works," she told People. "I felt absolutely awful. But then I went on antibiotics, and I was totally fine."

But things weren't fine for long. Days later, Fichera, 33, began experiencing "debilitating" symptoms of the coronavirus — including a fever, headaches and stomach issues. The NBC News cameraman quarantined himself in the couple's 3-year-old son Calvin's bedroom, leaving Dylan to take care of Calvin and 3-month-old Oliver by herself.

"I like to say that I was an A+ mom during those two weeks, because I felt like supermom," said Dylan. "I was up all night with the baby, and I was keeping everybody happy and fed during the day."

Unfortunately, Dylan was so busy with her kids, she wasn't able to fully tend to her sick husband's needs. "I definitely failed at being a wife," she revealed. "I feel so guilty, but I didn't have time to baby Brian."

When she later lost her sense of taste and smell — hallmark symptoms of COVID-19 — Dylan again assumed she's contracted the virus, but was never able to get a test. Baby Oliver also ran a fever for three weeks, she noted.

Thankfully, the whole family is now finally on the mend, and Dylan will be returning to TODAY on May 14. Until then she, Brian and their boys are savoring what's left of her leave and making up for the stressful last few months.

"Minus what's going on in the world," said Dylan, "everything in our little apartment is perfect."

The new issue of People magazine hits newsstands on Friday.