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Dylan Dreyer hanging in there after her 'rock bottom week' with Oliver and Calvin

Dylan is getting a firsthand lesson on life with two boys.
/ Source: TODAY

Dylan Dreyer has her hands full.

The 3rd hour of TODAY anchor called in to the show Friday to provide an update on what’s new with baby Oliver.

“Well, crying, a lot,” she replied, eliciting a few laughs.

Dylan said both Oliver and older son Calvin, 3, have presented her with some parenting challenges.

“Not gonna lie. This week is kind of a rock bottom week. Calvin is acting out. He’s screaming in his bedroom right now. They wouldn’t allow him in school ‘cause he wouldn’t stop kicking and screaming. But I think it’s because he’s been more needy this week," she said, referring to Oliver.

"I don’t know if he’s gassy or what, but he’s up all night. He’s crying all the time. He’s needed a lot of attention, so it’s just spiraling out of control right now,” she added.

Dylan has found one way to keep sane, though, before she gets some help from her family.

“There’s an open bottle of wine, so I’ve been drinking wine at night," she said. "I’m gonna use this moment as a PSA ‘cause it’s been all great up until this point and this week everything is just, I think we’re calling in my father-in-law to come in this weekend, just for reinforcements.”

Al Roker, the father of three children, reminded Dylan she will get through this tough time.

“This too shall pass,” he said.

Later in the day, Dylan received help from fellow 3rd hour of TODAY anchor Sheinelle Jones, who paid her a visit.

"While momma @dylandreyernbc cooks dinner ... Auntie Sheinelle snuggles and takes a million selfies," wrote Sheinelle, adding the hashtag #i❤️ollie.