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Dylan Dreyer admits she didn't think she wanted kids — until she became a mom

Before Calvin arrived two years ago, Dylan and her husband weren't sure they wanted children.
/ Source: TODAY

Oprah Winfrey is far from the only woman to question whether she was meant for motherhood. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer admitted Thursday that she wasn’t sure she wanted children — right up until the day she had one.

Dylan said she and her husband Brian Fichera, an NBC News cameraman, were quite content living as a family of two.

“For a long time, Brian and I, we weren’t really sure if we wanted kids. We were kind of happy with our life,” she told her TODAY colleagues during a discussion about comments Winfrey recently made about parenthood.

In an interview with People, the talk show titan and media mogul said she lacked the patience needed to raise children.

“I never thought that that mothering instinct was something for me,” she told the magazine.

Dylan said she understands that feeling.

“I was actually pretty open with it when I was pregnant with Calvin. Really scared to death. My life’s going to change,” she said.

The concern mainly stemmed from a lack of exposure and experience, she said.

“I don’t really have a lot of nieces and nephews that I lived close enough to, to care for as they were kids,” she said. “I never changed a diaper before. I really didn’t know how to be a mom.”

But those fears disappeared the moment she gave birth.

“I had Calvin, and something clicked,” she said.

Calvin recently celebrated his second birthday — and Dylan took special care in making a very special cake for the occasion.

Dylan opens up about motherhood and whether she wanted kids
Calvin with his pro of a mother, Dylan!dylandreyernbc/Instagram

Dylan has also shared numerous highlights of her parenting journey with TODAY viewers, along with some of the emotional difficulties. Last week, she discussed the pangs of guilt she experiences while trying to juggle work with spending time with her son.

But overall, Dylan now feels she's got a knack for being Calvin's mom.

“Within a week, I felt like I was a pro, and I knew everything about it. I don’t need anyone to tell me what to do because I’m confident that I know what to do,” she said.

Al Roker joked that it was only because Calvin is still very young.

“Wait until they become a teenager,” he warned. “That all goes out the window!”