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Drew Barrymore reveals the movie prop she saved for her daughters

The actress said the iconic piece reminds of her of when she was 6-years-old.
/ Source: TODAY

Drew Barrymore admits she has a hard time holding on to souvenirs.

“I am absolutely terrible at keeping things. I lose everything,” Barrymore, 45, said while speaking with Domino Kids.

But the actress, who is mom to daughters, Olive, 8, and Frankie, 6, still has the iconic red cowboy hat that she wore in “E.T,” more than 38 years ago.


“It’s in the girls’ room somewhere and reminds me that I was 6 years old wearing that hat. I’m so glad I still have it,” Barrymore revealed. “It’s nice if parents put something of theirs in their kids’ rooms, so it’s a transference of memories and energy.”

Steven Spielberg’s heartfelt sci-fi tale, about a boy and his alien friend, catapulted Barrymore to fame in 1982 when she was a child.

Last year, Barrymore told TODAY that both Olive and Frankie are interested in show business.

“When I first had my kids, I think I was so obsessed with doing everything different with them. I almost thought that acting was some calling from the devil,” Barrymore recalled. “”And then I was like, ‘It’s a great family trade. I’m a Barrymore. My family has been doing this for hundreds and hundreds of years.”

What scared Barrymore the most, was that she had “such an unorthodox childhood.” The star was introduced to a world of partying, drinking and drugs at a young age and survived a suicide attempt at age 12.

“What I really wanted for them was something very normal and traditional and safe,” Barrymore told TODAY. “And I feel like I’ve accomplished that.”