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Double the fun: See how 11 families dressed their multiples for Halloween

For parents of twins and triplets, Halloween costumes are all about coordination.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

When it comes to Halloween costumes, moms and dads of multiples have a blast coordinating outfits for their coordinating kiddos. Here’s how 11 families — all members of the West Los Angeles Parents of Multiples group — dressed their twins and triplets on the big day.

1. Sushi pieces

When dad Ryan Nakashima’s triplets were just over two months old, the family was excited to get them decked out for Halloween. “My wife's Japanese and it's a North American tradition,” he said. Plus, “There's not too many fun things to do at [that] age, and for us, this was a break from our daily routine.” The family settled on sushi, and the graphic designer mom printed out and blew up pictures from the Internet, glued them onto cardboard, cut them out, and taped them on the kids’ white onesies. A cut-up old sweater served as the seaweed, and the place mat, chopsticks, and soy sauce dish were all from the family’s daily life. Delicious!

Sushi pieces
The Nakashima triplets are the cutest bento box fillers, ever. Courtesy of the Nakashima family

2. A growing garden

When the Threadgill-Lane family twins were eight-month-old preemies last year, one was still on oxygen and the family kept the girls isolated. But that didn’t mean they couldn’t get dressed up for a keepsake photo! Mom Lauryl Lane is a floral stylist by trade, so she dressed her girls as a flower and a strawberry, a nod to her own — ahem — blooming career.

A growing garden
The Threadgill-Lane family twins bloom for Halloween. Courtesy of the Threadgill-Lane

3. Superheroes

When the Edelmann family’s fraternal twin girls were 24 months old, they dressed as Batgirl and Supergirl. “I liked the costume because I wanted my girls to emulate superheroes,” said mom Elle Garcia Edelmann. “Hopefully, they will have careers in service — maybe as doctors!”

The Edelmann family’s fraternal twin girls, age 2, as as Batgirl and Supergirl. BluBee Photography Studio / Courtesy of the Edelmann family

4. Game of Thrones characters

Among the Cuculich-Wells’ family’s three girls are a set of now four-and-a-half-year-old twins as well as their three-year-old younger sister. With mom Traci in on the act, the whole brood dressed in Game of Thrones-inspired costumes. “They were dragons and I was Khaleesi!” Traci explained.

Game of Thrones characters
Twins in the Cuculich-Wells’ family were part of a Game of Thrines posse, including mom and younger sister.Courtesy of Cuculich family

5. Princesses

Before their twin girls were even two months old, the Salada family dressed them in coordinating Disney princess costumes. “I think they were newborn costumes… and my preemies were still swimming in them!” mom Jennifer said.

Princess blue, meet Princess pink.Courtesy of Salada Family

6. Peas in a pod

What’s a more natural costume for babies who shared the same womb? Two peas in a pod, of course! That’s how the Desai family dressed their twins when they were only about a month old. “I guess technically, they each had their own pod, but you get the idea,” said mom Carolyn.

Peas in a pod
The Desai twins, at one month, are matching pea pods. Courtesy of Desai family

7. Flowers

When the Hearty family’s twin girls were nine months old, mom Hilary dressed them up as adorable pink flowers with yellow centers surrounding their faces. She snapped a photo of the girls in the yard, and distributed it with the caption, “Look at the flowers that sprouted in my garden last night!"

Look what sprouted in the Hearty garden.
Look what sprouted in the Hearty garden.Courtesy of the Hearty Family

8. Black Swan and White Swan

When their twin girls were one and a half, the Cote family dressed them up as Black Swan and White Swan, in sweet coordinating tutus and headpieces. “I love Halloween and, of course, dressing up my kids,” said mom Annie Irwin. “It was so hard to get them to pose together back then!”

Black Swan and White Swan
Black Swan and White SwanKate Romero/Courtesy of the Cote Family

9. Beagles

In addition to their human twins, the Cole-Edwards family includes a pair of furry children, too: beagles! So when the babies were 11 months old, the family dressed them up as their favorite breed of dog.

Beages times two.Courtesy of the Edwards family

10. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

For their set of boy-girl twins, the Farooqui family chose coordinating plush Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes. Another season, the children dressed as baby chicks. Sorting through the photos, mom Shama said, “This is making me nostalgic for the days of matching costumes. At three, I'm not sure it's going to happen this year!”

Mickey and Minnie Mouse
The Farooqui family chose Mickey and Minnie Mouse for their twins. Courtesy of the Farooqui family

11. Superbaby and Batbaby

When the Boyle-Lewis family dressed their tiny baby boys as superheroes, friends were far from surprised. “We went with an alternate Superbaby and Batbaby origin story: Since we had them in superhero and Starfleet outfits regularly, our friends ribbed us that we didn't even bother dressing up… which was sort of true!” said mom Amy Boyle. “They were four months old, and our hopes for home-made costumes were quickly revealed as super-unattainable!”

Superbaby and Batbaby (with mom and dad)
Superbaby and Batbaby (with mom and dad)Courtesy of the Boyle-Lewis family

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