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Dog and toddler rock matching outfits — turning into Instagram sensation

Meet Reagan, a 1-year-old Australian labradoodle, and his toddler BFF.
/ Source: TODAY

Meet Reagan, the 1-year-old Australian labradoodle, known for his adorable outfits.

When his owners, Sandi and Eric Swiridoff, both 55, brought him into their Portland, Oregon, home on April 19, 2014, they never expected the world would love him just as much as they did.

At 6 months old, Reagan was taking over Sandi Swiridoff's Instagram, which is when her kids, Justin, 28, and Kari, 25, told her he needed his own account.

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"They now accuse Reagan of replacing them," Swiridoff told "I tell them that he hasn't replaced my children 'entirely,' while also reminding them it was their idea to start the Instagram."

Swiridoff, who loves photography, has become obsessed with dressing Reagan up and taking his picture. The pup's 65,000 followers can't get enough of him, either.

And if you thought Reagan couldn't get any cuter, the Instagram account, reagandoodle, also features the furry critter posing with his BFF — in matching outfits, no less.

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The adorable toddler is Swiridoff's 1-year-old foster grandson, who can't get enough of his pal.

"They just adore each other," Swiridoff said. "When I'm baby-sitting and put him down for a nap, Reagan sits outside his door waiting for him to wake up so they can play again."

The toddler treats Reagan like a human. It could be because of their precious bond and fun play dates, but Reagan does have some human tendencies, like standing up on his hind legs and reading. (Dog pants, anyone?)

The dynamic duo both turn 2 years old in February and they can't wait to celebrate together!